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The Curious Expedition V1.2.4.1 Cheats chevid




Description A game about a group of scientists who discover unknown animals, giant, extra terrestrial, on a cruise. Only by learning how to explore the planet’s surface and find the hidden secrets of the unknown world. Play the game with these levels and descriptions for this curious expedition cheats: Playground - a game in which players can enjoy their adventures and enjoy a variety of levels and challenges. The goal is to collect all the animals you can find by moving on the ground, but beware! Their behavior is not always predictable. Capture - the player is presented with several challenges and if the player wins they get a point. Race - A new update for this game has arrived: a new series of levels, each one with a different challenge! Race mode will give you new challenges to try out. Garden - what if you could open gates and break the flow of time? Enter the garden where time itself has been slowed down so you can visit the past and the future. Survival - the game is based on the survival elements, which require special abilities and more to be able to survive. Can you survive long enough? Enemies - what if we were to get into the enemies and the enemies we are fighting? Bonus levels - Levels from all the previous puzzles that have not been included in the game and are not part of the levels that the player has solved. They are actually hidden bonus levels that can be unlocked in the last level. Included are also: - 9 main new levels for 4 worlds. - 15 new Challenge maps. - New Challenge maps for hidden bonuses. - New unlockable robots and new models. - New seasons. - New sound effects. - New puzzles. - A new story line. - New soundtrack and a new intro. This curious expedition cheats are really fun to play and can be addictive! This tutorial can help you play the game and make it easier to learn how to play the game with curious expedition cheat codes: How to use cheat engine. How to install cheat engine. How to hack a game. How to install the game. How to play the game. How to play the game: - Playground. - Capture. - Race. - Garden. - Survival



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The Curious Expedition V1.2.4.1 Cheats chevid

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